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We Love Sheffield is a local site aimed at generating a pride in our locality whilst promoting businesses and events within the South Yorkshire region. Register today to review restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, shops and more! Post your own updates, photos and events or just read our special magazine and editorial features.

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Account holders can post their own listings - simply register yourself a personal account, ensure you are logged in and then select 'Submit your listing' from the Directory drop-down menu at the top of every page (alternatively, browse to the relevant directory section where you'd like to feature your venue and click the 'Add new listing' button).

Having a listing on our We Love Sheffield Directory ensures that people can find your business when searching for that type of venue or service, giving you a strong opportunity to find new customers. You'll be able to post photographs, link to videos and promote your products.

On your listing, customers will also be able to review your venue or services, ensuring you easily create business ambassadors and goodwill in a very relevant space. Customer reviews are nothing to be scared of! In this day and age more and more people use online reviews and recommendations by peers to choose what to do, where to go and how to spend their money. As a listing owner you will always have the right to respond to any posts made and show that you are a forward-thinking business that cares and engages with is customers!

Not only is listing your business to our directory completely free, unlike a lot of other websites We Love Sheffield delivers a locally relevant and engaged audience by the very nature of the site and its content! Make sure you are reaching the right people in the right way!

Additionally, search engines may add your We Love Sheffield Directory listing to their search results for relevant terms - helping you get noticed when people search the web for places to go!

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All registered We Love Sheffield account holders can add their events with a full description, details, photographs and more. Other users can then respond to show if they are attending or not, possibly assisting you with any preparations you need to make for the event!

Remember to use the description to sell your event and tell people where to buy tickets to maximise your promotion!

Not only is posting your event listings to We Love Sheffield completely free, search engines may add your We Love Sheffield Directory listing to their search results for relevant terms - helping you get noticed when people search the web for things to do!

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Don't feel stranded! We've tried to make everything as easy as possible (and are still working to make things easier where we can!), but if you have any problems setting up an account or using the site don't fear - send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll try our best to help you out!

We plan on adding more features for local businesses over time - keep coming back to find out more!

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