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Paris Nightclub, Carver Street, Sheffield


24 Carver Street, Sheffield
S1 4FS


0114 272 8997
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Sheffield's underground boutique chic nightclub.

Be seen and feel popular with the trendy Sheffield crowd at Paris nightclub on the busy Carver Street.

With a "chic and Trash" theme this basement club features mirror lined walls, Falle style graffitti art and table service with your personal waitress. This is the place where you can watch yourself dance, drink and indulge . A cozy but edgy club where you can share cocktails with friends after dark.

The harshly colourful Moulin Rouge reminiscent nightclub is a lively place that guarantees plenty of antics every night as music selections, cocktails, crowds, and acts vary on a daily basis. Trying to pinpoint what a night at Paris will bring is like counting the stars, there is absolutely no end to the list so open minded adventurous spirits are a requirement for attendance!

Inside the Paris there is a mix of 'punkish' Soho NYC attributes, Parisian boudoir and classical furnishings that culminate to form an eclectic mix of style that is outlandish, somehow giving a perfectly formed venue for every event.

Enjoyed by Sheffield's own Jessica Ennis, Italy & AC Milans Mario Balotelli, Emmerdales Danny MIller, Ex Leed's United's El Haji Douif, England & Chelsea's Gary Cahill, Page 3 Model Chloe Saxon and Hollyoaks Junade Khan it is clean to see why Paris's reputation exceeds all expectations.


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