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  • James Hargreaves

    James Hargreaves

    First articles posted on the new We Love Sheffield website.
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  • Luke Selvon

    Luke Selvon

    just because you indicated doesn't mean you can ram the side of my car
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  • Carl Maloney

    Carl Maloney

    Just been to pets at home to have a snoop round. I saw him out of JLS near the fish tank. I took a picture for proof…
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  • kath elliott

    kath elliott

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  • Paul N

    Paul N

    Hi folks, just trying this out.
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  • Rachael Vasiljevic

    Rachael Vasiljevic

    on call so stuck at home thought I might catch up on my reviews xx
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  • Amy Brown

    Amy Brown

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  • Dave Atkin

    Dave Atkin

    Oh Lord who art at the Sheaf View
    Give us this day our daily Acorn Blonde
    And lead us not into being tempted by Jouster or Landy Angela or Porters of specific volume greater than 6%
    For mine is to be quiet when returning to theVillage and to be at work before 8 in the morning to let the sparky in so we can finally have the phones working
    For he turns on the power so we can gain glory and afford Acorn Blonde at £2.20 a pint
    For ever and ever
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  • Neil Hargreaves

    Neil Hargreaves

    Just sent the last few invites out for upcoming gigs - apologies they all went at once, just tidying up the admin this morning !
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  • Roland Hurt

    Roland Hurt

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  • Richard Giles

    Richard Giles

    James, what does 'social' mean?
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  • Simon Wtid Linfoot

    Simon Wtid Linfoot

    Last match it is then

    ” “

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  • Simon


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  • Rachel


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  • david rains

    david rains

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  • Kerri


    Sheffield is getting its own Marco Pierre White restaurant, just off Kelham Island (it will be located inside the new Hilton hotel being built)…

    Apparently its "NY" in themed, but looking at the menu, and as a NY'er myself, it looks anything but. If theres bechamel sauce or pork hotdogs on offer, its not NY italian or a NY hotdog.
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  • Sally Kilic

    Sally Kilic

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  • David Adams

    David Adams

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