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Everyone else has got cakes wrong!

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In Sheffield, we have 'proper' fishcakes and breadcakes! In Sheffield, we have 'proper' fishcakes and breadcakes!

We think everyone else has got cakes wrong. Forget the sweet stuff, in Sheffield we have breadcakes and fishcakes!

Lets get one thing straight right here and now. Small, rounded/oval shaped hand-size clumps of bread are called breadcakes. Not cobs, barms, teacakes, buns, baps or any of the other ridiculous names other places in the country insist on calling them. Breadcakes (one word, not two). Got it?

See, Bakewell has its tarts, Kendal has its mint cakes, Melton Mowbray has its pork pies… We have cakes of bread.

Every Sheffielder has heard silly southerners say something like “But a cake is sweet!” We can confirm, here and now, that isn’t necessarily true.

Which brings me to my second exhibit in the imaginary cake-trial; the fishcake. You can keep your mushy, mashy, breadcrumbed mess that outside this fair city people call ‘fish cakes’. What you are thinking of is a ‘rissole’.

Lee Bullen's Yorkshire Fishcakes in the Sheffield Cook Book

A ‘proper’ fishcake (Also known as Yorkshire fish cake and Sheffield fish cake) is two slices of potato sandwiching minced white fish (likely cod). It is then battered and fried like normal chip shop fish (note: another language faux pas — In Sheffield it is a ‘chip shop’, not a ‘fish shop’ as other regions seem to call it).

Now, for true ‘cake’ heaven, take a proper fishcake (plenty of salt and vinegar) and place it into a breadcake for a ‘Fishcake butty’. Cake on cake. That very concept has probably blown the minds of anyone reading outside of the South Yorkshire boundary.

The defence for proper cakes rests, M’lud.

The Sheffield Cook Book - available now

Fancy making your own 'proper' fishcakes? Check out The Sheffield Cook Book, which features a delicious Yorkshire Fishcakes guest recipe from former Sheffield Wednesday footballer Lee Bullen, amongst its 50 stunning local recipes! As I've said before, its a book every Sheffielder should have on their bookshelf/kitchen top.

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