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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to Social Sheffield Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (Company Number 08550020) and the operator of the website and associated entities, such as This Privacy Policy explains how we use information that we receive about you when you use the website and how we make sure it is stored and managed, safely and legally.

This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of using this website, so please read it carefully. We take your privacy extremely seriously, and will store all your personal information securely in line with good professional practice and applicable data protection laws.

The laws you’re protected by

As we are a UK company, you are protected by UK and European data protection laws.

Information we receive about you

We always aim to gather only the information that we need in order to provide you with the services provided by the website.

Registration and other information: At registration, you provide us with information about yourself such as your name, email address, date of birth and gender. We also may receive information from you when get in contact with us, or utilise specific features on the website.

Information you choose to share: If you create content on the website, which may include uploading personal information in the ‘Profile’ section or uploading photos and comments, we also receive that information. This may include personal information about you and other people.

Information other members share about you: We may also receive information from other members, such as when they upload content relating to you, tag photos of you, or post comments in relation to you.

Photo tagging: Photo tagging is creating a link from a photo or other information identifying you back to your profile. If a member tags you in an uploaded photo, for example, that tag will link back to your profile. Other members may be able to view any information which you have permitted them to access through your settings, and other information on your page. You, or the member who created the tag, can remove a tag about you. You always have the option of blocking a member. More information about blocking contacts can be found on the website.

Other information we receive about you.

Whenever you visit the website, we receive information about what you do during your visit, such as when you perform searches, send messages, click advertisements or post reviews. We receive this information through cookies. You can find out more about our use of cookies below.

    • We also receive some information about the computer or other device you use to access our service, such as your IP address, the browser you use, your location, how big your screen is, or the pages you visit.
    • When you upload a photo or video, we may also receive additional information through metadata about where that photo or video was taken, such as the time, date and location.
    • We may also receive statistical, anonymised information from our advertising partners who work with us to deliver more relevant, higher quality advertising to you on the website and to understand online activity.
    • We may also receive information from other websites, such as Facebook, when you log into the website using Facebook Platform.

What we use this information for

We use the information we receive about you through your use of the website, and the services we provide to you on the website, for the purposes set out below (which are discussed in further detail throughout this Privacy Policy):

    • managing the website (including your account);
    • providing advanced website features to you;
    • suggesting and providing relevant content to you on the website;
    • understanding your needs to help us improve the website;
    • improving search results;
    • understanding website usage to help us improve our marketing or the way we do business; and
    • sending you emails or other communications.

You give us permission to use your information for the above purposes in relation to our current service, and also in relation to any new products and features which we may provide to you in the future as part of our service.

We won’t sell your information to third parties.

If we run a promotion or competition where your information will be shared with a third party for marketing purposes, we will make that very clear and will ask your permission first.

Emails and communications

You are probably most interested in how we will use your email address to communicate with you, so here's our email promise:

Service emails. We will never ever send you unsolicited emails without your permission, but there are some emails that we will send you to provide you with a good service. These include notifications that you have a message from a friend, reminders about your account and guides on how to use the website. A full list of the types of emails you will receive to help you use the service most effectively (which we call ‘service emails’) are shown below:

    • Validation email – emails to verify your email address when you first register and aim to prevent fraudulent or automated registration;
    • Welcome emails – emails which explain how to use the website when you first join;
    • Key service messages – emails to notify you about changes to the service;
    • New message notification and reminders – emails to let you know when you receive messages from contacts;
    • Emails from members inviting you to view their content;
    • Notes/profile/comments/photo and video approval notification; and
    • Service suspension notices – if you break the house rules or terms and conditions.

Our use of cookies

Information gathered on registration: When you register for our service, you provide your name, date of birth, gender and email address. We use cookies to store this login information. You can change these details through the Edit Profile page. Please update your details with relevant changes as soon as possible to ensure we have the correct information for you on your account.

Cookies: We use small text files known as "cookies" to enhance your experience of our service as follows:

    • To hold your login information (mentioned above), so that you do not need to log in each time you visit the website, and your homepage is personalised. This option can be turned off by logging out, and unticking the “Keep me signed in” option when you next sign in;
    • To facilitate optimal use of our service by means of a temporary “session” cookie which helps you to navigate through the website and enhances your user experience. These cookies disappear when your browser session ends, or when you click a “Logout” link or button; and
    • To help us recognise you as a unique visitor by means of a “persistent” cookie when you return to our website and to allow us to tailor content or advertisements to match your preferred interests or to avoid showing you the same adverts and messages repeatedly.

Analytical cookies: We also use analytical cookies and similar analytical tools to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how users use our service and to help us improve the structure of our website. This is not personal data, and we cannot identify you in this way. These cookies allow us to understand who has seen which pages and advertisements on the website, to determine how frequently particular pages and advertisements are visited, to determine the most popular areas of the website, and generally to monitor usage of the website. We will also use aggregate non-personal data to track the success of any advertising campaigns on our website, to improve the effectiveness and suitability of advertising in communications sent by us and/or to provide to third parties anonymised, demographic data provided by you to target advertising more appropriately. We do not provide our advertising partners with information that identifies you as an individual.

Third party cookies: Some of the web analytics companies and advertisers used on the website may also place tracking cookies on your web browsers and/or computer. These cookies and embedded code are used for tracking the success of advertising campaigns. These cookies are normally permanent. Advertisers on our website and newsletters may also use cookies and similar analytical tools (both on our website and elsewhere) to monitor the success of the advertising, to control the frequency and repetition of advertisements and to ensure that advertising is relevant to individual users. This helps us to keep the website free of charge.

Disabling cookies: Most internet browsers are automatically set up to accept cookies, but you can set your browser to refuse a cookie by changing your browser security settings, or you can ask your browser to show you where a cookie has been set up. You may also be asked to consent to the use of certain cookies upon entering or registering on our website. Certain features on our website are only activated by the presence of a cookie so, if you do not accept certain cookies, our website might not work properly, and particular features of this website may not be available to you.

Privacy settings

We understand that privacy is important to you, so we provide a number of options for you to change your privacy settings. You can access and amend your own settings by selecting the ‘Privacy Settings’ option in the ‘My Account’ section when logged in.

Sending messages: Some information that you choose to upload onto our service, such as when you post comments may be publicly available. You can send private messages to other members who are in your friends list. You can find out more about sending private messages to other members on our website.

Sharing with other websites and applications

Logging into the website using Facebook: You can log in to the website using the Facebook Platform. When you log in using Facebook, Facebook shares selective information with us, such as your gender, date of birth, name and location, but we do not share information we hold about you with Facebook through your use of this facility.

Depending on your settings within the website and with the Facebook Platform certain content may be automatically posted to Facebook, such as your status updates.

Sharing links to content: By using the ‘Share’ links on the website, you can share your posts, comments, reviews and more using Facebook, Twitter, email and other services. The content will usually remain on the website and only the link and other limited information will appear on Facebook and Twitter, or in the email.

We use high quality security technology and processes

We aim to keep your details safe when you sign in or pay by using encryption. We always strive to use up-to-date technology security standards and make every effort to keep our systems as secure as they can reasonably be. Please be aware that, although our systems are as secure as they reasonably can be, your information might be intercepted on its way to us via the internet, although it is extremely uncommon for this to happen. Keep your sign in details private at all times and do not share them with anybody.

When we might disclose your information

The only circumstances in which we will share any of the information we receive about you to a third party are if we:

    • have informed you first, for example by setting it out in this Privacy Policy;
    • have received your permission first;
    • have removed any personally identifiable information before sharing it; or
    • are required or otherwise permitted to do so by law.

Removing your profile

You may remove your profile from the website at any time by contacting us. Any public content you have added to the website will remain; however, your profile page will not be accessible, and other members will not be able to contact you. Any content that you chose to share publicly, understandably, may be copied or stored by other members even after your profile has been removed. When your profile has been removed, we will archive and store your information for a reasonable time period for legal and administrative reasons.

Updating your personal information

If the information we hold about you is no longer correct, please update your details in the “Account” section of the website. In certain situations, we may choose not to amend your personal information.

If we change hands

If our business transfers to anyone else, you agree that we can pass your information to that person, so they can continue to provide you with the service.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

We might make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Check back here to stay up to date. If we make a major change to it, we’ll usually send you a service email describing the change and what it means for you.

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