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Step Business Centre
S36 2UH


0843 289 6604
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We are here to assist you in choosing the right vehicle for you. Our full range of Motor finance, fleet management,maintenance management, short term rental and daily hire, Service plans, areall the services you may need to help you in your business or personal motoring needs.

We offer a free fleet consultation, which allows you to hear what services we can provide and help you reduce your motoring costs.

Covering the whole of Sheffield and surrounding areas, we are flexible and friendly in our customer dealings.

Motor Vehicle Finance. Business & Personal
Neva South Yorkshire offer vehicle finance and leasing for both business and personal clients alike. Our range of business finance types include Contract Hire, Finance Lease, Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase we are of course able to supply competitive prices for outright purchase also. For private individuals we also have a range of products including Personal Contract Hire,Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase

Fleet Management.
Neva South Yorkshire C-Fleet is our innovative online fleet management solution allowing you to manage all aspects of your fleet of vehicles - with built in reporting and driver management. Read more...

Maintenance Management.
Maintenance Management is one of the key areas Neva South Yorkshire promote along with the supply of vehicle finance. In simple terms Neva South Yorkshire take the hassle out of running your vehicle(s) by providing an all encompassing service provision. This service obviously includes the routine servicing that all vehicles require, but also covers the cost for tyres, exhausts, brakes etc. and protects you from unexpected costs or vehicle downtime.

Insurance Services.
Neva South Yorkshire have a suite of insurance products available to ensure that you avoid any unforeseen risks. Please ask or read on for more details...

Fuel Management.
Neva South Yorkshire fuel card is operated in conjunction with the largest network of fuel providers in the UK. Offering a secure and cost effective method of fuel payment service and the security of knowing the fuel that your business is paying for is going into the right car!

Fleet Consultation.
Neva South Yorkshire are happy to discuss all aspects of your vehicle fleet and offer advice and assistance. Covering all aspects from vehicle choice through to duty of care we have a portfolio of products and services to suit your needs. For a free consultation please call 0843 289 6604 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Short Term Rental and Daily Hire.
Neva South Yorkshire provides highly competitive short and mid-term vehicle rental services via its strategic partner Leasedrive Velo Rental Management.
Leasedrive Velo Rental Management is one of the largest short-term corporate vehicle rental management companies in the UK providing a wide choice of cars and vans to rent for periods ranging from one day to one year.

Service Plan.
Neva South Yorkshire Service Plan scheme allows you to budget for all your vehicle servicing needs.

Duty of Care.
Neva South Yorkshire SafePlan is a straightforward solution to manage occupational road risk - ensuring compliance with the constraints of duty of care issues.


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